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What is a pre-arrangement?

No one wants to think or even talk about death any sooner than they must, Pre-planning allows you to plan your funeral or cremation service ahead of time and have it on record with Martin’s Funerals.

What are the benefits of a pre-arrangement?

It provides an opportunity for you to gather important information and convey your personal wishes, customs and beliefs to your loved ones. It allows you the time to think through and make practical decisions that reflect what you want and spares your family the emotional strain of the most difficult time of their life. You give your loved ones the gift of knowing that they are fulfilling your wishes.

What are the economical benefits of a pre-arrangement?

By planning in advance you eliminate surprises at what can be a very difficult time. You can choose to pre-pay or take out a policy to cover the costs, this will free your family from the financial obligation later on. Each come with their own benefits as discussed.

What do I need to do for a pre-arrangement?

All we need from you to do a pre-arrangement for you is a copy of your Identity Document and complete the section Funeral Service Information below. You can do this on your own or one of our consultants can assist you in the comfort of your own home to record all your wishes and we can keep it safe on file for when it is needed.

We want to provide you with the most affordable options available and will always give you the best advice whilst building personal relationships.

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